Flash of Unstyled Content

There’s an interesting article over at Surfin’ Safari about FOUC or Flash of Unstyled Content. Anyone accessing my site using Safari will already know what this is if not what it’s called.

Basically, it’s a glitch that happens when a website is rendered in a user agent (a web browser) where, for a bief moment, the user (that’s, like, you) sees an unstyled version of the page before it fully loads. This happens a lot in Safari if the page in question has Google Ads — like the main page of my site. So if you see it while browsing my site: it’s not you, it’s not me, it’s Safari.

And this isn’t a unique issue with Safari. Internet Explorer has (or had, I don’t know if they fixed it in version 6) the same problem under different circumstance as well as explained here.

Of course, I could always remove the ads but after 4 years I’ve “earned” just over $50.00! That’s American dollars! Yeah, you see thing thing is, Google only sends you a cheque for every $100.00 so I haven’t actually seen that money yet. Bah!