RSS and Release Notes

Adam Kalsey has posted his presentation for the Fastlane Ventures workshop How to Capitalize on Blogging.

What interests me about his entry is the topic of using RSS to track recent developer changes in an application. That would be pretty handy, but it would also be a great way to publish release notes for presenting feature changes, bugs, and updates. As part of my job (technical writer), I’ve had to use release notes to make changes to in-house documentation. It would’ve been great to have all that information presented to me in a news aggregator and to be able to see the up-to-date changes from version to version. I think end users would even find this handy too. They could, for instance, subscribe to the release notes for their favourite application and be alerted when a new release comes out and what the changes were in the new version. This is something I’d like to use to follow the progress of Unison. It’s a great Usenet reader for the mac.

I know VersionTracker provides a similar service, but I’m thinking more of a direct feed from a vendor that provides all the information found in the release notes. RSS or Atom>, would be perfect for this. It’s something I thought about awhile ago and Adam’s post just sparked my memory.