Scale with Rails Workshops

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<p>Jason is presenting some kick ass <a href="">workshops</a> on developing, deploying and financing Rails-based applications.</p>

<p>To quote Jason:</p>

	<p>&#8220;The resulting workshop then is a two-day, focused, logical and complete bottom-to-top workshop where people can learn about how to staff, plan, manage, develop, stage, test, deploy, monitor, scale their Rails-based applications on an entire platform and actually do it in Solaris grid containers.&#8221;</p>

<p>Learn more about the workshops <a href="">here</a> and you can signup for the available workshops in Laguna Beach (August 23-24) or Frankfurt (October 25-26) here.</p>

<p>Pretty cool, and a great oportunity to try out some of the cool stuff the Joyent gang have been working on. And you even get a <strong>T-shirt</strong>!</p>

<p>And of course I should mention that this is courtesy of the fine folks at <a href="">Joyent</a>.</p>
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