Christopher Horrell

Hi! 👋 I'm Christopher Horrell. I'm a Canadian currently living in Toronto, origianlly from Scarborough.

I'm a DevOps Engineer with long career in the web hosting and cloud computing space dating back to 2004. My current focus, after a brief stint as a Site Reliability Engineer, is Build and Release engineering. I love working on and building things that help people build things and the Build and Release space is where I've had the most career satisfaction. I also love open source and my work (and modest contributions) in that area has been the most rewarding professionally and personally.

I created as a way to force myself to write on a semi-regular basis (unsuccesssfully!) and as a way to keep up with web technology. This site currently runs on Ghost on Digital Ocean with infreastructure managed via Terraform.

I have a degree in English and Psychology from the University of Toronto, a post-diploma certificate in Technical Communications (Technical Writing) from Seneca and Computer Programming Applications certificate from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson).

For a more complete and up-to-date of my professional experience, checkout out my LinkdIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopherhorrell/.