For most of last week I was suffering from a benign case of vertigo. Whenever I moved my head, or got up from lying down, I'd get a dizzy spell. Sometimes it even made it a little hard to walk, so I took a few days off work rather than risk a commute in the crazy snowy weather we've had for the last month or so. Fortunately, it wasn't so severe as to cause nausea, but it did take me out of commission for at least seven days.

Naturally, I went to see a doctor and it turns out I had a virus infection my ears which was messing with my sense of balance. He had me take a slew of tests and gave me some antibiotics. The antibiotics seemed to work and my dizziness finally cleared up this weekend. The tests all came back normal and to be honest, they seemed excessive. Still, better safe than sorry and I'm glad it wasn't anything too serious.

So there, that's my excuse for not posting anything in a while.