A few of my favourite music videos for 2006

With it being December and with the current year winding down, I thought I’d put up a list of a few of my favourite music videos. You’d think not having a TV would limit my exposure, and perhaps it has in a way, but thanks to the interweb I’ve actually found quite a few that I like. Some of these I discovered at the recent ResFest in Toronto while others I stumbled upon by just surfing around. I’ve been able to find most of them on YouTube but, admittedly, they’re not the best resolution. What you’ll see here doesn’t come close to what you’d see on a bigger screen.

So what makes these my favourite? Usually because I like the song and in most cases the video has a sense of humour to it.

OK, so here they are in alphabetical order (by artist):

Take Me Back To Your House by Basement Jaxx

Rodeo Machine by Halfby

Never Meant Any Harm by The Golden Dogs

Number 1 by Goldfrapp

Over and Over by Hot Chip

Young Folks by Peter, Bjorn & John