A note about skip counts in iTunes

Here’s another follow-up to my earlier post about my quest for the ideal smart playlist.

If you use “Skip count” as a criteria for a smart playlist in iTunes be aware that an actual skip in iTunes is only registered when you advance to another track within the first 2-20 seconds of the currently playing track1. So, if after 20 seconds you get tired of a song and decide to move on, it won’t count as a skip. And this also applies if you advance to another track before the 2 second mark. Personally, I think 20 seconds is too short.

I think most people can easily identify a song within the first couple of seconds, but I think the time it takes to judge whether you want to listen to the whole song could take longer than 20 limitation. I think up to 60 seconds is more reasonable, but that’s just me.

Regardless, now that I know this I’ve been using it to my advantage and making sure I make my judgement call early in a track if I really want it to count as a skip.

1 I haven’t timed this exactly so 20 seconds may not be entirely accurate, but it definitely won’t register until after 2 seconds.