Background Noise and Being Settled

The one thing that I'm surprised I've gotten used to since moving is the background noise I constantly hear from my open window. When I first moved into the apartment, it took a few nights for me to settle in. Most nights I can hear people outside talking, fighting, or generally carrying on from the street bellow. It's not terribly loud since I'm so high up on the 19th floor, but it did take some getting used to. Then there's also the general noise from inside the building itself: people coming and going, doors opening and closing, the elevators which are close by, and the neighbours poor dog that whimpers when they're away for too long (poor little guy!) It's a huge contrast to the quiet basement and sleepy (well, boring) suburbs where I came from. And now I actually find it all quite comforting, like I'm intimately part of a living system. It's a nice feeling. I don't even get startled when the postal person drops off my mail in the slot of my door.

How's that for settling in?