Now that I have an iMac, I’ve been following Apple related news more closely. One recent development has been the creation of the Safari web browser by Apple. One of the features of Safari that Apple touts is it’s speed. I just don’t see it. When I first bought my iMac, I used the default browser IE 5.5, then switched to Chimera Camino, which is a version of the open source Mozilla browser for the mac. Mozilla is pretty stable, open source, handles standards quite well, and is the rendering engine used in the latest version of Netscape. To me, Chimera Camino opens pages faster and Safari seems to hang a bit. I suspect this has more to do with Safari being in beta, whereas the Mozilla core is more polished. Incidentally, the Safari browser is based on the Konqueror rendering engine, which I’m not all to familiar with (I think it’s a Unix thing). I’m going to stick to Chimera Camino /Mozilla because, quite frankly, tabbed browsing rules.

In other news, I still feel like total crap and I can’t sleep. I took the day off work today and may have to do the same tomorrow. I feel so exhausted, it’s not even funny.