Career aspirations

I’ve been slowly changing my current position from a casual part-time to full-time. Like many people, I’m motivated by career aspirations and the money that goes along with it. It all started when I was able to switch from two days to four. Months later, I got a nameplate for my cubicle (the absence of which would plague me with feelings of inadequacy for some time). A few months after that I got my own phone and voicemail to go along with it! Actually, I’m not sure if I got the chronology right. I’m pretty sure I got the hours before the nameplate, but I’m not so sure about the voicemail. Last week I made the monumental switch to a 5-day week and I got a desk with a window! My latest achievement: My phone now displays my name instead of the generic “Technical Writer” that people with call-display used to see. It’s the little things. Part of me wanted to use a pseudonym, like Rainier Wolfcastle, but I’d have to clear that with my manager. Oh and I have a new message on my machine to reflect my current hours. My voice sounds pretty sexy, which is essential for any professional message.