Cell Phone Displays

Today I sat in the local Starbucks. Nothing too unusual there. For the duration, though, I was distracted and disturbed by a man talking on his cell phone. He was outside, pacing back and forth and he had on one of those head sets that dangles down and somehow manages to catch the sound of his voice without being near his mouth. And holy fuck was he distracting. He'd pace back and forth, occasionally waving his arms, talking about lord knows what. And I thought "Shit, what is with this guy? Why so public? Why can't he do this somewhere else?" He was, you see, out there for a good twenty minutes, walking around carrying on his spirited conversation about lord knows what. And I couldn't even hear him but only imagine what his conversation was about.

So here's the thing: Why did it bother me? Was it because he was so frenetic and I was trying to relax? Or is it something deeper whereby I get the impression, by his display, that he's peacocking about, displaying his business acumen -- or whatever the hell else he was talking about -- and that's what really pissed me off? That's probably it.

Oh, and then when I left it got a little weird. I later saw him talking to two identical twins in what I believe was Russian or at least a Russian sounding language.

So hey, how was your weekend?