cwh_hobo is a Textpattern plugin that will display a random hobo name from John Hodgeman's list of 700 hobo names taken from his book The Areas of my Expertise (more information here). Once installed, you use it by simply placing the follwing in any article, page, or form within Textpattern:

<txp:cwh_hobo />

This will produce a random hobo name, and number, like so:

#171: Twink the Reading-Room Snoozer

cwh_hobo also accepts two attributes: @wraptag@ and @class@. So, for instance, if you want to wrap the output in a paragraph tag with the class of "hobo", you'd have the following:

<txp:cwh_hobo wraptag="p" class="hobo" />

which would produce:

<p class="hobo">#171: Twink the Reading-Room Snoozer</p>

Pretty neat, eh? You can download this plugin below.

cwh_hobo 0.2.0