cwh_link_to_prev is a Textpattern plugin that provides a replacement tag for <txp:link_to_prev /> that includes a new format attribute which provides the ability to set the link format as a link tag suitable for placing in the head of any individual article page on your site. You can do this by setting the format attribute like so:

<txp:cwh_link_to_prev title="Previous" format="link" />

which will produce something similar to:

<link rel="prev" href="" title="Previous Post" />

Note that when used as a single tag without the format attribute specified:

<txp:cwh_link_to_prev />

it will produce a plain text link much in the same way as <txp:link_to_prev />:

Finally, it can also be used as a container tag in the same manner as <txp:link_to_prev /> if no format value is specified:

<txp:cwh_link_to_prev> ...Text or Tag... </txp:cwh_link_to_prev>

If you do specify a link value for the format attribute while used as a container tag, it will still produce a link tag.

This tag also shares all of the same attributes as <txp:link_to_prev />. For a complete list of applicable attributes, see this Textbook entry.

For a further explanation of the benefits of using link tags for your site's navigation, please see “Day 9: Providing additional navigation aids” from Mark Pilgrim's Dive Into Accessibility.

You can download the plugin below: