This has probably been one of my longer, if not the longest, breaks to date. Sorry about that.

So, three months later and I’m pretty much settled in to my new place. There are still a few things I’d like to get, but for the most part I’m sorted. One of the things you need to get used to when you buy a new condo or loft is that not everything will be ready when you move in. For the Toy Factory probably the biggest issue in that regard was the parking garage. The garage has been unavailable since I moved in and has only finally been ready this past Friday. If I actually needed to use my spot, I would have been way more bothered about it than I am. I keep my car at my mum’s and, since moving downtown, I’ve never really needed it, so I’ve been able to manage just fine without.

The other thing you need to come to terms with is how long it takes for the deficiencies to be fixed1. At first, I naively assumed everything would be fixed before I moved in. Not so. I have had a few things fixed, but the big stuff is taken ages. From speaking to other people who have gone through something similar, this is pretty typical and they eventually get done. Fair enough, I guess, and after waiting all this time for the place I’m sure I can handle it.

1 The deficiencies were all the defects and such I made a not of during my PDI. I’m pretty sure I must have mentioned it in my last post.

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