Dot Mac

Update: Since the switch from .mac to MobileMe, this script no longer works and, thanks to the improved UI of MobileMe, is no longer necessary.

Dot Mac is a Greasemonkey script for the Firefox web browser. This script enhances the dot Mac web interface by removing the common Apple header navigation to provide more room when reading email etc.

To install you first need to make sure you Greasemonkey installed and enabled. With that out of the way, do the following:

  1. Download the dot Mac user script below
  2. Start the Firefox browser if it isn't already running
  3. Make sure Greasemonkey is enabled (the little monkey in the status bar should be smiling :)
  4. Now, drag and drop the script to the Firefox window. You should now see a Greasemonkey Installation dialogue.
  5. Click Install

And that's it, the Dot Mac script is installed! Enjoy!

Downloads comming back soon!
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