Final or Tentative?

More news of the condo-waiting front (well, technically I should refer to it as a loft what with the high ceilings and all). There was a recent strike which has delayed things a bit more. The strike is over now and I received the latest update from the developer a few weeks ago. My new occupancy date is September 7. Not too bad as that's just a month out from the last date.

Now the curious thing is that the letter starts out with the following heading:


And then, later on in the letter, they say this:

"Please be advised that your terntative occupancy date is September 7th 2007"

Wuh? So which is it, tentative or final? Perhaps they mean it's the final tentative date and the next date will be, er, the final final date?

Either way, things are definitely closer than before and they're well underway with work on the interior of the building. You can see the latest progress of the exterior starting here and also note my Loft now has windows!

And now, back to contemplating my furniture options.