Free Samples

Today I was reminded again of why I like working at Yonge and Eglinton. Usually, during the work week around the typical lunch hour, somebody is giving away something free. Today for instance, I just got a free Oh Henry! bar. How cool is that? Once I even got a free Mike’s Hard Lemonade type beverage1. To date I’ve had coffee creamer, deodorant, lots of gum, and a chocolate bar! I’m not really counting the time that I received frozen vegetarian chicken nuggets although it was impressive by it’s size2.

So, as a handy tip for anyone who’s free and in the area, it always pays to swing by the main intersection as more often than not someone is usually giving away something.

1 That surprised me, actually, since you wouldn’t expect someone to give away alcohol in a public place like that.

2 I threw them out as the rumour around the office was that they tasted like plastic and in truth they didn’t look very appetizing.