Hey, Did I Mention The Weight Loss?

So I weighed in again last Wednesday and I’ve lost another 4.2 pounds. That puts my current weight at 186.8 pounds and a total loss of 44 pounds. So yeah, the diet’s been a great success and I’m at a point where I think I may stop a few pounds away from my goal (180). I’ll see how I feel about that in the next few weeks. Regardless, I’m getting closer to the end now and to celebrate I bought myself a four-pack of Guinness. Good times. I had one a few weeks ago and didn’t realize how much I liked it. It could very well be the diet, or the almost complete lack of beer I’ve had in the last few months, but damn is it good. The canned variety is not nearly as good as draft, but that’s to be expected. I also discovered that I really, really like grocery shopping. That’s a bit of a surprise, but will probably work out well for me. Anyway, it’s time for me to finish off what’s left of the beer.