HotBot Relaunch

It looks like HotBot has been relaunched. For those not in the know, HotBot was a pretty popular search engine in the late 90's, until Google came along and destroyed them. Ah yes, the dizzying highs and terrifying lows of the internet. It's kind of suprising HoBot allows you to search through Google considering, well, you know. Inktomi, incidentily, is the service that HotBot runs on, that's why it's the default choice for searching. The other services probably belong to Lycos, which bought out HotBot a few years ago. This new version of HotBot comes in standard's compliant XHTML, which is a fact only relevant to all the web designers out there. I'm not exactly thrilled with the off-centre layout. It took me awhile to figure out they did it on purpose. I also noticed you can change the way the page looks. My fav's are plain text and classic.