How to be a Ninja, or at least look like one

As it is with the internet, I was clicking around one day and discovered you could purchase Ninja costumes and equipment on Amazon. This intrigued me since I recall being interested in those stealthy assassins as a young boy, probably much like a lot of young boys in the eighties. I’m not sure what it was about that period, but I do recall there Ninjas showing up in all facets of popular culture: TV shows, books, choose-your-own-adventure-books, and movies to name a few.

I no longer have the same level of interest in Ninjas, but I realize there are probably a lot of people that do. And so, I’ve compiled a list of various items for all the Ninja enthusiasts out there.

Note: Dressing like a Ninja will not necessarily make you a Ninja, but you’ll look pretty cool.

First, a little background reading, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Some deeper reading material, courtesy of Amazon:

And now the good stuff, also courtesy of Amazon: