Kasabian, Flyerman, and Diamond Towing

Last Friday I went to see Kasabian at the Kool Haus. It was nice to get out for a change and Kasabian put on a really good show. The opening act was Mad Action, who were also good, and while they played I saw the Flyerman again. He has a nifty new jacket promoting the DVD for the Flyerman documentary.

So anyway, the concert was good and I really enjoyed myself, up until the point at which I discovered that I lost my keys. By this time the concert was over and I was outside and I pretty much figured I must’ve dropped them inside the club. After stating my case to what seemed like half of the security staff, I managed to talk my way inside where I scoured the club floor (with an escort) for my keys. It was a pretty sad time for the Christopher and I think If I were a much younger man, I probably would’ve cried.

After searching through broken plastic cups and discarded bear cans for about 15 minutes I finally gave up and went back to my car to call a tow truck. And that’s when I realized that I didn’t lose my keys; I locked them in the car. After a quick phone call to Diamond Towing (whom I always rely on for such situations and for whom I will remain forever grateful for there services), I was back in the car and on my way home. Three cheers for cell phones.