Lunch and Cranky Old People

So another day at work and another lunch bought from Dominion. It was a splendid lunch indeed: tuna sandwich, leafy salad, potato salad, and pineapple for dessert. If anyone is in the Yonge and Eglinton area, I highly recommend the salad bar.

The experience though was marred by a rather unpleasant elderly woman whom grew impatient, for reasons beyond me, and tossed what she was going to buy in the direction of the Dominion employee who was just about to ring the item in. It makes me wonder: Knowing that she’s only got a few more years on this planet, why would she want to be remembered as an impatient jerk?

This isn’t the first time some old crank has busted out the charm. There was the old jerk in the Starbucks a few weeks ago who didn’t get the difference between “mild” and “bold”, the bitch who got lost in the building where I work and grew impatient with my directions, and the a-hole who just couldn’t get enough plastic bags. All of them well above the age of 65. All of them the kind of people who grow impatient and take it out on everyone else. Children have tantrums like that, but children grow up.

Not all the old people I’ve encountered during my breaks at work are like that, but there’s definitely a pattern here. Back to work…