Maintenance Continues

Things are looking good. I only lost 0.6 pounds last week so I think I may finally have it nailed. I certainly get to eat more then when I was trying to lose weight and it's a nice change. Working out helps too even though I find myself eating a little more when I weight train.

In other news my iBook is broken and it's driving me crazy. It's been that way for months until I finally got up the strength to take it in. I was expecting it to be painful, and it has been. For the last several months whenever I adjust the viewing angle of the screen my moving the lid, the screen would go blank. It's so frustrating, I don't think I can put it to words and I can't always reproduce it. It looks as if moving the lid messes up something, probably a wire or whatever, and this turns off back light. the screen doesn't go completely blank and I can just make out the image of the desktop when it happens.

Anyway, I finally took it in and it's been with support ever since. Oh, and I bought it at a reseller and their coverage is handling it, but who knows when I'll get it back. The first service centre couldn't reproduce the problem and now it's with someone else. Grrrrrr.

Laptops are so delicate...