My Amazon Wish List

What with Christmas coming, and with my unquenchable desire for books and knowledge, I thought it would be appropriate to mention that I have an Amazon wish list. You can find my wish list here. There's no pressure, of course, but if you are feeling charitable and aren't quite up to shilling out the cash for a book, you could always click on a few of the Google ads scattered about the site. I generate a modest amount of revenue from those ads, but only when, you know, you actually click on them. Incidentally, if you follow one of the Amazon associate links under "Listening" or "Reading", and then buy something at Amazon, I get a referral bonus from that as well. Gosh that would make my Christmas jolly. Heck, it would make anytime jolly.

Don't worry, this is a one time announcement and I'll continue to write about my weight loss and such in future posts, I promise.