My Favourite DVDs of 2006

This is the last one I promise. Not having a TV hasn’t stopped me enjoying shows or movies on DVD, thanks to my iMac (20 “ screen!).

Two purchases of 2006 that really stand out are Little Britain – The Complete Third Series and Life in the Undergrowth (hosted by David Attenborough). Fan-bloody-tastic! Little Britain is probably one of the best sketch-based comedies to come out of England in ages. Little Britain is a two man two consisting of Matt Lucas and David Walliams and I highly recommend Season One and Two as well.

The other stand-out of the year, Life in the Undergrowth, is a series that explores the fascinating life of insects. The cinematography (well technically I suppose it should be called macrophotography) is stunning and it reveals some incredibly surprising and complex behaviour of insect life. Definitely worth buying as well.

So there you have it, the last of my 2006 recommendations. Enjoy, and a happy belated New Year!