My settings for a "Just Music" playlist

Yesterday I wrote about my attempt at creating the perfect playlist, but I didn’t elaborate on what settings I used for my “Just Music” playlist. This is a variant inspired by Merlin’s Music Only playlist, a post on 43 Folders that reinvigorated my smart playlist quest1.

So, here’s the rules I use to filter out all the non-music from my other playlist:

  • Kind does not contain “video”
  • Kind does not contain “movie”
  • Kind does not contain “document”
  • “Podcast” is false
  • Genre does not contain “Audiobooks”
  • Match only checked items
  • Live updating

And that filters out all my music videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and digital booklets from my collection. You may need to tweak this to compensate for any variations in your own library, but it should be a good base to start with. Once you’ve set that up, add it to any subsequent smart playlists you create without fear of polluting your listing experience with something unexpected.


1 Admittedly, a post from several months ago that didn’t reach my attention until now. Naturally, since finding this little nugget, I’ve since added 43 Folders to my feed reader of choice, something I should’ve done ages ago.