My Top 10 Songs of 2006

Well, after listing my favourite albums of 2006 I thought I’d put up a list of my top 10 songs for 2006. Most of these can be found on the albums previously mentioned, but some can’t and it would be a shame to leave them out. Also, I’m only listing one song per album to prevent the list from becoming redundant.

So here they are, starting with the most played:

  1. Crazy by Gnarls Barkley from the album St. Elsewhere (US and UK)
  2. Number 1 by Goldfrapp from the album Supernature (US or UK)
  3. Black Grease by the Black Angels from the album Passover (US or UK)
  4. Piano Man by Ghostland Observatory from the album Paparazzi Lightning (Currently not available at, but you can check to see when/if they get it in stock)
  5. Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio from the album Return To Cookie Mountain (US or UK)
  6. You Only Live Once by The Strokes from the album First Impressions of Earth ( and
  7. Over and Over by Hot Chip from the album The Warning (US or UK)
  8. We Make It Rock by Kids In Tracksuits from the album New Kids Rock the Block (US or UK)
  9. What’s the Altitude (Featuring Hymnal) by Cut Chemist from the album The Audience’s Listening (US and UK)
  10. Way Out by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs from the album Show Your Bones (US and UK)