Running in the rain

Running in the rain

Yesterday was an interesting and kind of weird day. I suspect it's because of the unpleasant association it will have to that awful day six years ago which perhaps makes people pay attention to details more than they normally would. I was having that kind of day.

I had a late start that morning, due to being up a little late the night before. I never learn. The rest of my day at work was pretty uneventful. The highlight, because I am a nerd, was my creation of a tiny bullet icon that looks like a calendar using nothing but MS Paint for a website I maintain. I love working at the pixel level and I take a certain pride in accomplishing something under mild constraint.

When I got home from work, the elevator ride was particularly uncomfortable, more so that it usually is when standing in a tiny box of strangers. In the lobby, I bumped into the guy who was hitting on me last summer. He still causally suggests we hang out whenever we meet in confined situations like this and I say "Sure" in a non committal way that I hope conveys the point that I'm not interested and, more importantly, straight. Thankfully he is not as persistent as he was last year. So anyway, he made small talk with me while I uncomfortably waited for the 19th floor.

In the evening, after dinner, I decided to multi-task by going for a run while doing my laundry . The wash cycle isn't really long enough for that, so I decided to run while my clothes were in the dryer. On the elevator on they way back up from the laundry room, this guy, in his twenties, says to me "Is it me, or is that elevator door taking forever?" I said "Oh, yeah, it's taking ages!" but really, I hadn't noticed anything unusual and I suspected, for whatever reason, that he was high. In retrospect, I think he was just trying to break the uncomfortable silence. I went back to my apartment.

Thirty five minutes later I went back down again to the laundry room to put my clothes in the dryer and then went back up to my apartment to change and then go for a run. It started to rain.

And then I thought, fuck it I'm going to run anyway, and so I did. After five minutes I realized I was nuts to be running in the rain after nine o'clock at night. After ten minutes I remember being surprised that I wasn't really that cold and the trees seemed to shelter me a bit. After twenty minutes I was pretty sure what I was doing was nuts, but I was almost done so I kept going until I hit the thirty minute mark and went back to my apartment. Interestingly, I wasn't as wet as I thought I'd be when I got back.

When I went back down to get my laundry from the dryer, one of the loads (I use two machines, one for whites and one for darks) was still wet. Perplexed, I paid for another cycle and brought my load of whites back up and had a shower. I went back down forty five minutes later, came backup, folded everything, and went back to bed.

And that was my day.