Scale with Rails Workshops

Scale with Rales

Jason is presenting some kick ass workshops on developing, deploying and financing Rails-based applications.

To quote Jason:

"The resulting workshop then is a two-day, focused, logical and complete bottom-to-top workshop where people can learn about how to staff, plan, manage, develop, stage, test, deploy, monitor, scale their Rails-based applications on an entire platform and actually do it in Solaris grid containers."

Learn more about the workshops here and you can signup for the available workshops in Laguna Beach (August 23-24) or Frankfurt (October 25-26) here.

Pretty cool, and a great oportunity to try out some of the cool stuff the Joyent gang have been working on. And you even get a T-shirt!

And of course I should mention that this is courtesy of the fine folks at Joyent.