Storage Space

While typing away and listening to music at work today I noticed something kind of interesting: my iPod (10 GB) actually has a bigger HD than the computer I use at work (approx. 8 GB). My original PC from 1996 had a mere 5 GB. That's just nutty, but not too surprising. The new iPod mini has a 4 GB HD and is probably less than a tenth of the size of my work PC. Not too bad for somthing the size of a cell phone (the current ones, not the huge ones from the eighties).

My very first computer, an Amiga I bought around 1991, didn't even have a HD. I guess that's one way of crippling music piracy -- go back to floppy disks.

Anyway, I've been working in the IT for three years now and I've learned that if there's a bleeding edge to technology, the corporate office tends to be the opposite. Corporate IT, from my experience, is very conservative when it comes to replacing stuff -- this is especially true after all the money that was spent bracing for y2k (I read somewhere that the money saved by truncating the year to two digits was in fact more than what was spent on fixing it).

So it looks like I'll be using a slow-ish computer with a tiny HD at work for a couple more years.