The Search Gets Postponed

The condo hunt on Sunday went well. There were a few I really liked, but I just wasn't sure about the location. I just didn't have the right feeling. There were also a few that sucked hard. This one place had a pretty rude concierge who actually accused my agent of losing an envelope he never gave her. And he talked with food in his mouth the entire time I was there. He was pretty gross and ignorant and definitely not a selling feature.

I saw about 5 condos in all and it gave me a good sense of price vs. location. Not knowing the city too well puts me at a bit of a disadvantage, so I'm going to put off my search until the new year when I'll be less stressed. Oh, I've ruled out town houses for now as they don't seem to be the bargain I thought they were, unless I move somewhere outside the city.

No thank you.