Like you didn't see that coming.

I've experienced power outages before, but nothing like what happened yesterday. I was at work when the power went down at around 4:10 PM. All the lights went of, except for the emergency ones, and it was oddly quiet. The elevators were working and I was able to get a ride home with a coworker. Traffic was nuts around Yonge and Eglington, but improved once we got closer to Scarborough. I spotted almost half a dozen good Samaritans directing traffic, which I was quite impressed with. They were really into it. People, in general, were quite orderly and sane which is great since I'm sure everyone was thinking the T word. Once I got home I waited until night and took advantage of the darkness by setting up the old telescope. I also whipped out my new iBook--got to love that battery power.

It actually wasn't such a bad day for me, come to think of it. I left early from work, got a ride home, and had some pretty decent star gazing conditions.

So, the power came back on around 4:15 AM this morning and I got the day off.