Creating a Custom FreeBSD 10 ISO with Automated Installation

Last month I was working on a FreeBSD 10.1 KVM image for SmartOS, SmartDataCenter and the Joyent Public Cloud. The first version of the image was released a few weeks ago and I'd like to share how I went about building the image. More specifically, I'd like to provide an overview of how I… »

Switching over from Textpattern to Ghost

I recently switched from Textpattern to Ghost. Chances are there are a bunch of broken links to files and such. I'm still tweaking and fixing things and reworking the site design, so expect more changes in the coming months :) For anyone else who wants to attempt this, a word of warning: there's no… »

I could watch this all day



Installing mod_cloudflare on a Joyent SmartMachine

CloudFlare is a great service and I’ve been using for my site for some time. It speeds everything up, acts as a firewall protecting your site from bots and jerks, and also provides IPv6 support. One side affect of using CloudFlare is the Apache logs for your site will show IP… »

Adding Icons to Folder Names in iOS

The introduction of folders to iOS was a welcome addition to keeping your home screen tidy. Folders allows you to sensible group like applications and then give the folder a given name, like "Games" for all your game apps etc. In iOS 5, Emoji support was added which means you can also use Emoji as… »

Installing node and npm on a Joyent SmartMachine

Here are some updated instructions for installing the latest stable version of node (v0.4.12), as well as npm, on a Joyent SmartMachine. These instructions install node in the ~/local directory avoiding the need for root privileges when installing things with npm, which is bad. First, create a ~src/ directory — this is where we’… »

Disabling the Caps Lock Key on a Mac

I hate the caps lock key. Hate. I'm always, always pressing it by accident. I don't do it that often on my iMac, but boy howdy, I click it all the time on my MacBook Pro. At my old gig, when I did the nine to five thing in a beige cubicle (it might have… »

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