Somehow news of my manual has made it to the Dutch (look for the "Cursus zelf doe" link). Well, that's the internet for you (referral logs are the new crack, by the way).

I wish I could read Dutch, assuming it is Dutch of course. I'm a little worried that whoever it is (Maarten?) may think it's a serious piece, which it most assuredly is not.

I tried to translate the site using Babel Fish but apparently Dutch isn't on the menu. Damn. I did find an online Dutch-to-English dictionary, but it's a bit pants. Schedel means skull. Doorboring? No idea. It could mean something like "making a hole". And I'm pretty sure Trepanatie means Trepanation.

Anyway, I thought it was prudent to post a comment (Commentaar). Here's hoping I haven't caused some sort of trepanation related national incident. Canada-Dutch relations would never be the same.